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Amplifying your internal Wi-Fi network is possible with a few simple products. The options may seem confusing at first, but we'll breakdown the pros and cons of each. You've probably heard about extenders, boosters, and repeaters for your network. The challenge is learning what the difference is between each option and making the best choice for your Wi-Fi network.

Essentially, each product is similar in purpose. Each product is to amplify your Wi-Fi network signal wirelessly throughout your space. There are some differences in performance, how they work, and ease of installation.

Wi-Fi Extenders

An extender is an access point connected to an existing router that extends the Wi-Fi signal. You can connect to a modem (if your provider uses one) or a router via the ethernet port. An ethernet cable is the most reliable connection point, but most users prefer wireless connections because they allow more distance between devices. An extender is perfect for amplifying the signal without compromising speeds and preventing network interference.

Wi-Fi Booster

You'll see products labeled Wi-Fi boosters. These devices are the same as Wi-Fi extenders. They are perfect for flat, broad areas without large obstructions. But to be clear, a Wi-Fi booster is the same as a Wi-Fi extender. The only real difference is the name.

Wi-Fi Repeater

Like the extender and booster, a Wi-Fi repeater repeats your wireless signal from one device to another wirelessly. They are great to transmit signals from one room to another or another area (think from your indoor Wi-Fi to the outdoor area). It is less effective than a booster in a large, open outdoor area with reduced bandwidth speeds.

Which One is Best?

Your Wi-Fi needs to determine the best device. If you are looking at getting your Wi-Fi signal throughout an open office area, a booster is a great choice. You can amplify your signal wirelessly and cover all areas of the space. 

If you are looking to reach rooms in your home, we recommend an extender. Connect the two with an ethernet cable and cover the house without a loss in signal strength. Also, the option to do this wirelessly is possible and very popular.

Repeaters are an excellent option to create a wireless network in your backyard or ample outdoor space. The signal reaches throughout the network without cables; however, speeds can be slower due to signal interference from other devices.

Still Not Sure? Give Us A Call!

The tech crew at AVISP is always happy to steer you in the right direction. We know your network and the internet services the best so we can give you the best advice possible. Give us a call at any time to get a recommendation, schedule a Wi-Fi network installation, or ask questions.



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