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5 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

Who doesn’t want more out of their internet? Everything we do is internet-driven, so squeezing every drop of speed out of our connection makes sense. Below are 5 ways to increase your internet speed. We know what we’re talking about; we’ve provided internet services for the past 18 years. Our knowledge and expertise will help you squeeze every drop of bandwidth out of your internet connection. We practice these same steps in our own homes to make sure we have the best internet connection possible.

1. Fresh Start

Our most common technical support call results in restarting the router. We recommend restarting (not rebooting) your router and devices every month. Unplug the router from power and plug back into power. For your devices, restart according to the device instructions. Sometimes everything needs a restart, and this helps keep your connection robust.

2. Obstructions

Make sure your WiFi and other wireless devices do not encounter obstacles from concrete, metal, or interference (baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves).

3. Scheduling Wisely

Schedule operating system updates (like Windows) for the night. These updates use a lot of bandwidth and take a while to complete. Schedule them for when you are sleeping for the least interruption to your daily internet needs.

4. Protect Against Viruses

Computer viruses and malware are the scourge of our connected lives. Best to always update your protection, run it frequently, and rid yourself of headaches.

5. Install a Streaming Device

Consider using a Roku device to optimize your streaming experience. We all love SmarTvs, but the sad truth is they use far too much of your bandwidth to make them worth the frustration. A Roku (one of our favorite devices) uses far less bandwidth without sacrificing streaming quality and experience. We recommend the Roku Ultra found on Amazon.

Each of these tips will help improve your internet speed. Though we recommend doing each, any one of them will result in a healthier connection. During our many years in the internet experience, we know it is essential to know your home network, how to optimize and protect it.


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