New Tech: Protect Your Privacy

Protect your privacy from new tech.
protect your privacy from new tech with tips from avisp internet services

New tech is fun, often helpful, and certainly convenient. Are tech advancements worth sacrificing your privacy? Does the convenience of tech trump your private life and control of information?

For some, the answer is yes; convenience is more important. For the majority though, privacy and control of personal information outweighs any benefits technology offers. The rapid advancements of new technology – from computing to social media to crypto – it is a challenge to keep personal information private.

Add to the challenge the increased sophistication of tech giants to mine your information for advertising or political purposes and criminals who seek to steal personal data, end-users must be vigilant to protect themselves.

Privacy is paramount. 🕵️🕶️ This article is an interesting view of the vulnerabilities to your privacy with new technology. It demonstrates the ease with which our excitement for something new may lead to exposing more than we intend.


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