Local Fixed Wireless Internet Service vs. Starlink: Which One Offers More Benefits?

As technology advances, internet service has become an essential part of our daily lives. There are many internet service providers available, but not all are created equal. In this blog post, we want to compare two types of internet service providers, Local Fixed Wireless internet service and Starlink Internet. Both offer high-speed internet, but there are notable differences between the two. We will analyze the pros and cons of these two services and why Local Fixed Wireless internet service is a better option.

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What is Fixed Wireless Internet Service?

Firstly, let’s understand what Local Fixed Wireless Internet service and Starlink Internet service are. Local Fixed Wireless Internet is a high-speed internet service that uses radio waves to connect to a fixed antenna on your home, whereas Starlink Internet is a satellite-based internet service that uses hundreds of low-orbit satellites to provide high-speed internet. Although Starlink has gained much popularity due to its high-speed internet, it does not provide a sustainable solution.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless

One of the significant benefits of Local Fixed Wireless Internet service is that it offers better reliability than Starlink Internet. Local Fixed Wireless internet services offer better latency, facilitating faster internet speeds and better connectivity. More importantly, Local Fixed Wireless internet services offer unlimited data usage, which is essential for activities that require internet connectivity such as video streaming and online gaming.

It’s About Community

Moreover, small community businesses and family-owned internet service providers are increasingly offering Local Fixed Wireless internet services. This factor has become beneficial for local communities because these service providers offer better customer service besides providing high-speed internet. These service providers care more about meeting the community’s needs than profit generation, which is their major goal. They offer an exceptional level of customer support and handle any issues quickly and efficiently.

In Contrast…

In contrast, Starlink is a corporate-owned enterprise, which often results in a lower-quality customer service experience. They have yet to establish any local presence and have no interest in establishing one. Starlink is more focused on providing high-speed internet service to the larger market and making profits, which compromises the user’s reliability, and customer service experience.

Local Economy

Local fixed wireless internet services are provided by small community businesses that are primarily family-owned. These companies play a significant role in the development of rural communities by offering internet access to educational institutions, small businesses, and residents who live outside the city limits. They make significant investments in these communities as a way of giving back and expanding their respective businesses. On the other hand, Starlink internet services are owned by a major corporation with no particular interest in individual residential customers apart from generating profits for their shareholders.

Fixed Wireless is the Way to Go

While Starlink appears to offer an appealing option, there is more to consider before taking the plunge. It’s best to prioritize local fixed wireless internet services as it offers a higher quality of service, better customer service, no bandwidth caps, accessibility, and contributions to the local economy. Supporting family-owned small community businesses and investing in local development is essential, and choosing to subscribe to their services delivers positive effects on local economic growth, rather than pouring monetary wealth into remote large corporations. It’s time to reconsider the benefits of supporting local businesses rather than being lured by the perceived technological advancements of giant corporations.

Broadband access is not only important for our daily lives but also empowers the advancement of small businesses and startups. In the end, it’s about connecting communities to a better future.

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