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Fifteen days after the due date, if payment is not received, service is automatically disrupted by the server. You will see a warning on your devices when trying to access the internet. The warning (a red screen) states the account is past due; to restore service immediately click “Access Customer Portal”, log into your account, and make payment. Service will be restored immediately.
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2. Type in your username and password (if you forgot click “Forgot password” and follow the instructions).
3. Click the “Billing” tab at the top.
4. Select “Add Payment Method”
5. Input your payment information
6. Make sure to select “Enable Autopay”
7. Click “Add”

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Yes, the date can be changed. Call our office at 707 433-8327 to make arrangements.

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Monthly statements are emailed in PDF format 15 days PRIOR to the due date. You do have the option to request a paper bill – call our office or email to request this option.

This allows you time to review your statement and make changes as necessary. Your bill date is always the day of installation and start of service.

***It is very important that you keep your email up-to-date as that is the method we use to communicate billing, repairs, and information.

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2. Click “Lost Password”.  A reset link is sent to the email address given at the time of sign up.
3. If this does not work, call our office at 707 433-8327 for assistance.

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Access your AVISP account:
2. Type in your username and password
3. Click the “Billing Tab”
4. Click “Make a payment”
5. Enter your credit card, debit card, or check information.
5. Click “Make payment”. Type in the amount you wish to pay and click “OK”
6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and E-Check

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1. Using software, our managers determine if we can provide service to your location.

2. Technicians will use a programmed wireless radio to find the best signal possible to one of our towers.

3. A mount (arm) is attached to the side of a building, post, pole, or other stable structure. The wireless radio is mounted to the arm.

4. A cable is run from the wireless radio to one interior location.

5. A wireless radio is set up (with your WiFi information). The cable from the wireless radio connects to the router.

5. The technician will test the signal and speed from the radio and router to ensure a successful connection.


When you choose AVISP as your internet provider, we begin the installation process. This includes scheduling an installation at which time one of our technicians installs a small radio on a building and a wireless router inside. Once this work is complete, you will have access to the internet to enjoy streaming, gaming, emails, and work from home.



Cyber scams are on the rise. It is important to be vigilant in protecting yourself and family. McAfee has great tips and information to avoid scams.

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Category: SUPPORT

Visit TUTORIALS for step-by-step help with basic troubleshooting.

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Basic troubleshooting to try before calling:

1. Reboot your router. Unplug from power and plug back in.
2. Unplug the radio power supply from the wall.
3. Reboot your computer or device.
If these steps to not resolve the connection, call or text our tech support for help. 707 955 9707

Visit our Tutorials page for more information.

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2. Enter your email address and password

3. Click “Login”

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iOS and Android access differs.

Both require the following information:

1. Once you have accessed the email settings on your device –

  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Outgoing Authentication ON and use password authentication
  • Username: Full email address
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1. Open Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook
2. Go to “Tools” menu; select “Accounts”
3. Click “Add” and then select “Mail”
4. Type in your display name (the name that will appear to people)
5. Click “Next”
6. Enter your full email address as your username
7. Click “Next”
8. Confirm the top line reads “My incoming mail server is a POP3 server”
8. In the incoming and outgoing mail server boxes, type in “”
9. Verify that your username and login is your full email address and typed correctly
9. Click “Next” and then “Finish”

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Yes, it does. We recommend Google Nest or Netgear Orbi for the most reliable connection. Our technicians can help set up your new WiFi mesh system.

Check out our SHOP page for recommendations.

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No. The routing equipment installed by AVISP is designed to work with the transmission equipment on the exterior of your building.  You are welcome to add routers or mesh systems behind the AVISP routing equipment at any time.  Call our office at any time for assistance or to schedule a technician to install your wireless system.

Visit our SHOP page for recommendations.

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Yes. We strongly recommend every customer uses virus and malware protection on devices. We recommend AVG Free Edition, Malwarebytes, and Spybot Search and Destroy. Other options include McAfee. Set your virus protection to scan and remove infections daily.

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Trouble tickets allow you to easily notify the tech team of an issue with your service.

Your ticket is automatically logged into our system for review and resolution. Typically tickets are handled within 24 to 48 hours.

To create a ticket:

1. Go to
2. Type in your username and password (if you have forgotten click “Lost Password” and follow the instructions.
3. Click “Contact Us” at the top bar
4. Fill out the form. Click “Submit Ticket”

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Absoltuely! Call our office at 707 433-8327 to change your service speed plan at any time. Changes are made remotely and immediately.

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AVISP has been providing wireless internet service in rural Healdsburg, Alexander Valley, Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley, Asti, and Cloverdale for 20 years.

We are a family-owned and operated business based in Alexander Valley.

With our 20 tower sites, constantly upgraded equipment, IT and networking expertise, and knowledge of the area; we are able to provide the best service possible to our rural communities.


AVISP uses advanced fixed wireless technology to deliver a consistent, high-quality internet connection. Unlike satellite service, which is approximately 1240 miles above the Earth, our service is terrestrial. The long distance between you and a satellite means slower service.  AVISP signals travel just a few miles to you providing a faster and more reliable connection. AVISP uses a terrestrial tower system that is not effected by the weather conditions and interference satellite services suffer.


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