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Fifteen days after the due date, if payment is not received, service is automatically disrupted by the server. You will see a warning on your devices when trying to access the internet. The warning (a red screen) states the account is past due; to restore service immediately click “Access Customer Portal”, log into your account, and make payment. Service will be restored immediately.
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2. Type in your username and password (if you forgot click “Forgot password” and follow the instructions).
3. Click the “Billing” tab at the top.
4. Select “Add Payment Method”
5. Input your payment information
6. Make sure to select “Enable Autopay”
7. Click “Add”

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Yes, the date can be changed. Call our office at 707 433-8327 to make arrangements.

Category: BILLING

Monthly statements are emailed in PDF format 15 days PRIOR to the due date. You do have the option to request a paper bill – call our office or email to request this option.

This allows you time to review your statement and make changes as necessary. Your bill date is always the day of installation and start of service.

***It is very important that you keep your email up-to-date as that is the method we use to communicate billing, repairs, and information.

Category: BILLING

2. Click “Lost Password”.  A reset link is sent to the email address given at the time of sign up.
3. If this does not work, call our office at 707 433-8327 for assistance.

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Access your AVISP account:
2. Type in your username and password
3. Click the “Billing Tab”
4. Click “Make a payment”
5. Enter your credit card, debit card, or check information.
5. Click “Make payment”. Type in the amount you wish to pay and click “OK”
6. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and E-Check

Category: BILLING

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