Rebooting Your Router


Verify your router has power. The router should have lights.


Check that the ethernet cable is plugged in securely to the ethernet port on the back of the router. On this particular router, the port is blue but that is not necessarily the case for all routers. Most ethernet ports can be identified by the "E" symbol shown above the port.


Reboot the router. Physically unplug the power cable (shown below). Wait 10-15 seconds and plug back into power.


Under no circumstances push the "RESET" button on the router (typically a red, reset button).


Rebooting Exterior Equipment

Exterior radio reboots are uncommon but after a major site event, power outage, or heavy storm the radio may need a reboot.  Here are the step-by-step instructions to reboot your radio.  After reboot, you may need to reboot your router (see above instructions).

In the event rebooting does not solve your issue call (707) 433-8327 ex. 04 or 06


This is the POE (power over ethernet), also referred to as "the brick".  It provides power to the radio located on the outside of the building via the ethernet cable.  It also connects the router to the radio to complete the internet connection.


Check that the brick is plugged into a working wall outlet. Identify and confirm the brick is receiving power by the light on top (it may be difficult to see in bright rooms).  Confirm that the outlet has power, GFIs or circuit breakers have not disrupted power to the outlet.


The brick has two ports.  One is labeled POE and the other LAN.

The LAN port has a cable that runs to the back of the router as shown.

The POE port has a cable that runs to the exterior radio.  This cable is typically run into the wall and to the outside of the building.

It is crucial these cables are plugged into the correct ports. Plugging into the wrong ports will result in loss of connection.

Remember - LAN port to ROUTER

POE port to RADIO (through a wall or the floor)


Unplug the POE's (the brick) power from the wall outlet.  Wait 20 seconds and plug back into the wall outlet (or power source - power strip or battery backup).

If you cannot access the wall outlet but you have access to the brick:  Unplug the POE cable from the brick, wait 20 seconds, plug back into the POE port.


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