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We believe each customer deserves the best, high-quality internet connection possible. Our can-do attitude makes that possible.

Who We Are

AVISP is a family-owned and operated small business located in beautiful Alexander Valley, CA. We began our journey in 2002 following a vision of founder and CEO Steve Young. Following in the footsteps of his pioneering-spirited forefathers (they settled this land in 1856), Steve began to build a rural internet company. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown and thrived, meeting it's mission to bring high-quality, dependable high-seed internet to the most under-served areas of our community. Today, we still believe in this commitment and strive to meeting the needs of our existing and new customers.

Our Committment

AVISP is not your big , corporate ISP. Unlike the big players, AVISP truly cares about customer service and service quality. We specialize in connecting the harder-to-reach rural areas of northern Sonoma county. These communities are often ignored by the bigger carriers. It is our goal to connect as many of our fellow community members to internet as possible. We are constantly updating and improving our equipment and systems to stay on the cutting-edge of internet delivery.

The Beginning

In 2002, founder and CEO Steve young moved his family to the family ranch in Alexander Valley. The ranch, 400 acres in the valley, was settled by Steve's great-great grandfather circa 1856. The only issue was the lack of internet services in the area. Steve, channeling that pioneer spirit, decided to change that. He began to slowly and carefully build AVISP into a robust, reliable rural internet service company. Today it continues to dive into difficult to serve areas, connect community members, and offer excellent customer service.

AVISP has provided internet services since 2002 - nearly 20 years of internet delivery experience in addition to the over 75 years of collective IT experience on our team. We are ever looking to improve our services and technology; always looking to give the customer the best possible internet experience.

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