Dianna M.

AVISP service is critical to my business. I could not would not be in business w/o it. The support of the grant will keep my business thriving and competitive by allowing AVISP to improve their business and service. Many people in our area rely on this service, Until AVISP we only had dial up!!!!!!!!!! AVISP as a company, the owners, and employees are reliable, competent, dedicated, and service oriented.

Garth S.

Excellent service! Steve and his team went the extra mile to get us high-speed internet in rural Sonoma. Highly Recommended!!

Gerald C.

Avisp provides a fast and reliable service for which I am most grateful.

Jim W.

Alexander Valley Isp provides a necessary service to remote customers. Service is excellent and speed is superior.

Lee Magnuson

I have been using AVISP internet service for about 18 months. AVISP's internet service has been superior. My internet speed has allowed my business service to grow. I am now taking advantage of remote control access and fast transmission of work files. I would highly recommend their service.

William R.

AVISP's service is critical to my employment. I wouldn't be able to telecommute without this ISP thus reducing my carbon footprint.

Betsi L.

I've worked from my home for over 12 years and was so frustrated with my dial up connection. AVISP has been a lifesaver!

Joseph L.

We live in Dry Creek Valley outside of Healdsburg in a hilly area absolutely no provider had been able to reach until we discovered Alexander Valley ISP. We were just about ready to give up using our computer until they saved the day. We feel we would be disconnected from the world without them.

Ron and Kris D.

AVISP [internet services] has put a smile on our faces. It is so much faster than dial up, and we have received outstanding personal attention and service. Thank you AVISP!"

Judy R.

I was last a resident of San Francisco and enjoyed the unquestioned ability to access high-speed internet with ease. Since I operate a small business, access was primary!!! After my move to a rural Sonoma County, I can now appreciate the loss experienced by those without high-speed access. I could make a cup of tea in the time it took dial-up to load a web page... and obviously, could NOT run a business under those circumstances. Having discovered the dedicated efforts of those at AVISP in providing this rural valley with access is INVALUABLE!!! Everyone should be as connected.

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