"AVISP [internet services] has put a smile on our faces."


Ed M.

We are an interior design firm in San Francisco and manage a few properties in the Wine Country. Steve and the staff at AVISP have done an excellent job of providing us with trouble-free, turnkey internet solutions. The service is solid and reliable and they are always quick to assist in whatever way needed. Simply the best.

Jim W.

Alexander Valley Isp provides a necessary service to remote customers. Service is excellent and speed is superior.

Renee M.

The toughest part about moving from San Francisco to Geyserville was giving up my high-speed internet! Fortunately, AVISP was there to save the day! My home did not have DSL access or cable internet availability - AVISP was my only option for broadband internet at my remote location. AVISP's service has been reliable and speedy - such a life saver to this technology lover!!

Ron and Kris D.

AVISP [internet services] has put a smile on our faces. It is so much faster than dial up, and we have received outstanding personal attention and service. Thank you AVISP!"

Phillip F.

We live and run a small business in an area of Sonoma County that is too small for other IS Providers to service but so far from phone switching that dial up is not feasible for the bandwidth needed. My wife and I both run international consulting businesses and require broadband service to be at all competitive in today's marketplace. As such, service provider such as AVISP are an essential link for us to the commercial world. While the service is excellent with the individual attention that a business such as AVISP provides - we need added bandwidth that can come with upgrades they seek in the proposal. Their service is time and equipment intensive with each service installation being customized to the user's physical location. We live and work in a hilly and highly wooded area and as such the access for each account holder requires individual design and equipment selection/installation to fill the user's needs. We strongly support their proposal and know that the upgrades, as well as their dedication to providing access and service to more individuals in our area, is critical for the successful establishment and operation of other small businesses.

Gina H.

This provider is doing a great job and deserves everyone's support.

Mary K.

Alexander Valley ISP has provided the service that no one else was able to provide to our remote location. Without AVISP, we would not be able to promote direct marketing for local farmers, via the Healdsburg Farmers' Market. Funding to reduce the cost of this service would help our organization tremendously.

Jeff H.

Steve and the gang are really great to work with. This is a company that truly cares about customer satisfaction! It has been wonderful to have AVISP as our provider... I always recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors!

Susan G.

OMG Steve Young is a Internet god. I am so happy with my service but a reality of living in the country, the most important thing is customer service, and his is outstanding! I went years without Internet and Steve made it happen, am so thrilled and recommend him without hesitation.

Mary P

AVISP is my provider and it would be good for this service to be enhanced to better support our rural neighborhood.

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