Gregory H.

AVISP is my savior! I conduct my business over the internet and a slow or unreliable connection is completely unacceptable. I tried all kinds of solutions but nothing has been as fast and reliable as AVISP. Their customer service has been exceptional as well.

Eric B.

Difference in speed is very noticeable with the equipment upgrade. Very fast!

Chris B.

The service and reliability of AVISP has greatly increased our technological and information access quality of life. I wholeheartedly support infrastructure improvements to bring our rural community's internet access closer to the current state of broadband internet access that most communities enjoy.

Jim W.

Alexander Valley Isp provides a necessary service to remote customers. Service is excellent and speed is superior.

Van M.

GREAT service! AVISP strives 24/7 at always being the best

Susan G.

OMG Steve Young is a Internet god. I am so happy with my service but a reality of living in the country, the most important thing is customer service, and his is outstanding! I went years without Internet and Steve made it happen, am so thrilled and recommend him without hesitation.

Ron and Kris D.

AVISP [internet services] has put a smile on our faces. It is so much faster than dial up, and we have received outstanding personal attention and service. Thank you AVISP!"

Loretta R.

I wholly support AVISP's cause to deliver broadband services to our community.

Karen P.

As home to a prime agricultural crop of the US, wine grapes, this rural area is in need of reliable access to the economy. AVISP is a small business that would support our local community AND the global one by receiving this grant.

Joseph L.

We live in Dry Creek Valley outside of Healdsburg in a hilly area absolutely no provider had been able to reach until we discovered Alexander Valley ISP. We were just about ready to give up using our computer until they saved the day. We feel we would be disconnected from the world without them.

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