FAQ – Internet Services

internet servicesI’m a new customer. How do I create an online account?

Welcome! We are happy to have you as part of the AVisp Family. When you signed up for services, our system created a username and encrypted password for the Customer Portal.

  1. Click any link our our website labeled “MY ACCOUNT” or https://powercode.avispmail.com to access the Customer Portal log in page. The username is typically the email address given at the time of sign up.
  2. Click the “FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD” link. They system will send a reset link to the email address given at the time of sign up.
  3. Access your email. Click the reset link sent from the customer portal.
  4. Select a new password to access your account.
  5. Remember, all passwords are encrypted, so we cannot see them. If you forget your password, simply click the “FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD” link to create a new password.

I’m already a customer but forgot my username and password. How do I access my online account?

No problem! Follow the steps above. If you cannot remember which email address you used to sign up, contact us at info@avispmail.com, and we will send you the information with a password reset link.

Is wireless internet the same as satellite?

No! Avisp’s wireless technology is far superior to satellite services. AVisp.com uses land towers and relay sites to wirelessly transmit powerful internet signals to your location. Satellite services, on the other hand, beams a signal from a location to a satellite in space then to your location. Wireless technology allows for more control, consistency, reliable delivery, and sustainability over satellite.

internet servicesHow many computers or users can I have on my network?

You decide how many computers or users access your network through the router and your iinternal network. Consider the number of computers or users connected when selecting a service package as all users within the network will share the same service.

What does the installation include?

AVisp.com technicians will cable, install an external radio, and the first internal router at the main location. AVisp.com is retains ownership of the installed equipment, relieving the user of any mainteinance, repairs, or replacements. In the event you have specific internal network equipment you prefer we can assist with the installation as an additional service. AVisp.com can install new or additional routers billed at our IT Support Services rate. If you would like help setting up a home network our IT Service Technicians can help. The IT Support Services hourly rate and equipment charges will apply.

Can I change service packages?

Certainly! You can change service packages at any time. Contact us for details at (707) 433-8327 or info@avispmail.com.

How to I get an e-mail account or domain name?

We are happy to provide you with an e-mail address or secure domains for you. Contact us at (707) 433-8327 or info@avispmail.com for assistance.
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