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AVISP is committed to providing excellent service and a great internet experience. On this page you will find helpful information about customer accounts, technical support, webmail, and more.


Access our AVISP customer account to check your balance, change contact information, update billing and payment information, create a trouble ticket, or look at your useage.


I Don't Know My Account Log In Information

    1.  Call 707.433.8327 or email  for your username
    2. Go to CUSTOMER PORTAL Click "LOST PASSWORD".  A reset link will be sent to the email address on file with AVISP.  If you do not know what this is?  Call 707.433.8327 or email


Basic troubleshooting includes:

  • Rebooting router
  • Rebooting outside equipment
  • Rebooting device

These helpful tutorials will guide you through rebooting the router and exterior equipment.

Need more assistance?  CALL 707.433.8327 EXT. 04 OR 06


 Trouble tickets allow you to easily notify the tech team of an issue with your service.

Your ticket is automatically logged into our system for review and resolution.  Typically tickets are handled within 24 hours but on some occassions will take up to 48 hours.

Start by logging into your AVISP CUSTOMER PORTAL

  1. Click "CONTACT US"
  2. Fill in "SUMMARY"
  3. Describe the issue "DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE"
  4. Click "SUBMIT TICKET"

You can always check the status of your ticket by logging into your customer account at any time.

Don't know your customer portal login information?  Call us at 707.433.8327, email visit CUSTOMER PORTAL and click "FORGOT PASSWORD" a reset link is sent to the email on file.


If you have an AVISP email address -- access your WEBMAIL


When is my bill due? Account billing dates start the day of installation and turn up. First payment is due at the time of installation.  Subsequent bills are due every 30 days.

Can I change my bill date? Yes, the due date can be changed. Call the office to set up the new bill due date.  707.433.8327

What types of payment do you accept? We accept major credit cards; American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Electronic checks, traditional checks, and cash are also accepted.

How do I change my payment type? Log into your secure customer portal to update billing or call the office 707.433.8327.

When are statements sent? Statements are sent 15 days prior to the due date. 

What happens if I'm late or don't pay my bill? Fifteen (15) days after the due date, if payment is not received, service is automatically disrupted by the billing server. 

This warning will appear on your devices in the event your account is past due. To restore service promptly, click the "Access Customer Portal" link and log into your account with updated payment information.  Alternatively, call our office at any time to update payment information. 

Can I change my service plan? Absolutely!  Simply call our office 707.433.8327. We can quickly and easily change your plat at any time without a technician or service call.



Typically installations cover the labor. All equipment is the property of AVISP.  We provide the first router, upon installation, as a courtesy. The owner is responsible for replacement routers int he future. Upon cancellation of service, AVISP will recover its external equipment.

FAQ | How Much Bandwidth Do My Devices Use?

**not all speeds listed are available in all areas - this is for information purposes only**