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Wi-Fi vs. Internet | What’s the Difference Anyway?
February 12, 2018 Uncategorized avispmail

Being in the internet business, we receive a lot of questions about the terms and phrases used in our industry. Terms like Wi-Fi®, wireless networks, wireless extenders, Internet, even ISP confuse many people. Along with these questions, are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about their meanings and purposes. One of the most often asked

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FBI Investigating String of Attacks on CA Backbone
July 1, 2015 Network Status avispmail

According to this USA Today video, the FBI is investigating a string of attacks on California backbone. The backbone is the infrastructure for all internet services. USA Today reports there have been at least 11 attacks on Bay Area backbone connections; including the suspected attack yesterday in San Francisco. Attackers have managed to gain access

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Pole Replacement
May 5, 2015 Network Status, Uncategorized avispmail

The pole replacement at our main location is going well.  The PG&E crew continues to replace the pole without disruption to the fiber optic connection.  The generator is operating at full capacity, powering the ISP equipment.  This crew is amazing! Here are some photos of the PG&E crew raising the new pole into place.  

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