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AV WIRELESS, INC. a Family Owned & Operated Company | Since 2002

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AVISP specializes in offering internet services to the rural areas north, east, and west of Healdsburg, CA to Cloverdale, CA.

Using wireless radio technology, AVISP is a non-satellite, non-copper wire solution for internet. 

Wireless technology allows us to provide internet to under-served, hard-to-reach areas of northern Sonoma County.

Our services cover Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Chalk Hill Road, Mill Creek, Geyserville (east and west), Asti, Dutcher Creek, and just south of Cloverdale.

Benefits Section

We're not your ordinary internet service provider. We actually CARE about our customers. After all, you are our neighbors and community members. 

No Contracts

That's right. No contracts. All we ask is for 30-days notice for cancellation. That's it. Pure and simple.

No Data Caps or Limits

Use your internet service as much as you like. You are never penalized for data usage. Ever. 

Local, Family-Owed & Operated

We've served our community, as a family business, since 2002. Local. Family. Neighbor. Community Member.

Home, Business, Charity Event

We've got you covered. Kids need to do homework? We can help. Working from home? We can do that too. Opening a tasting room? Check. Hosting an event? We've got that covered too.

What Others Say


I have been using AVISP internet service for about 18 months. AVISP's internet service has been superior.My internet speed has allowed my business service to grow. I am now taking advantage of remote control access and fast transmission of work files. I would highly recommend their service.

Lee M.

Business Owner


We have been customers of AVISP for years. We live in rural Sonoma County and Steve and Tammi have always been there for us, providing internet connectivity through thick and thin. Rural internet service is always a challenge. But, these guys are vigilant, customer focussed and always working to keep all of us connected, despite the whims of Mother Nature. It is a pleasure to work with this family business that is invested in our community and cares about every customer like family.

Doug M.


I can't tell you how thrilled I was when we were able to get an internet connection from AVISP.   Not only is the connection great and reliable, the customer service you receive gets an A+.  When we had a storm this week and lost our connection,  Steve Young made a point to come out and repair the problem himself.  Thank you, Steve Young, for the great customer service!

Coleen F. 

We are.....

The Founder Spirit - Family-Style

The Young family has a long history of forging into unknown and new territories; fierce to blaze a trail for others. From the original Young settlers to Alexander Valley to the current generation establishing internet services in a once-ignored area; the Youngs are all about the future and making it better for everyone!

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AVISP is my savior! I conduct my business over the internet and a slow or unreliable connection is completely unacceptable. I tried all kinds of solutions but nothing has been as fast and reliable as AVISP. Their customer service has been exceptional as well. 

Greg H.

Business Owner


AVISP service is critical to my business. I could not would not be in business w/o it. The support of the grant will keep my business thriving and competitive by allowing AVISP to improve their business and service. Many people in our area rely on this service, Until AVISP we only had dial up!!!!!!!!!! AVISP as a company, the owners, and employees are reliable, competent, dedicated, and service oriented. 

Dianna M.
Business Owner


AVISP [internet services] has put a smile on our faces. It is so much faster than dial up, and we have received outstanding personal attention and service. Thank you AVISP!" 

Ron & Kris D.