The Founder Spirit - Family-Style

The Young family has a long history of forging into unknown and new territories; fierce to blaze a trail for others. From the original Young settlers to Alexander Valley to the current generation establishing internet services in a once-ignored area; the Youngs are all about the future and making it better for everyone!


Steve Young

CEO / President

The Young family settled Alexander Valley in 1852. Steve grew up in Healdsburg and the Valley, helping his grandparents on the ranch. He moved back to Alexander Valley, to the family ranch in 2002 after having worked in the tech field. Discovering there was absolutely no internet options to dial-up, Steve went to work with his uncle to meet the need. The ISP grew from a T-1 line at the house, transmitted to 10 neighbors, to the thriving internet company that serves from Healdsburg to Cloverdale.

Tammi Young

Vice President / Marketing / Accounting

Much like Steve's history, Tammi's family settled in the Petaluma area from Denmark in 1892. She grew up in the Forestville area (west county) along the Russian River. She's worked several different fields, primarily in business and accounting. When Steve approached her with the idea of starting another business, an internet business, she was completely against. Fortunately, Steve didn't listen! Today she's a huge supporter of small business - "I love small business. It is the backbone of our community!"

Joe Young


Joe is an amazing member of the AVISP team. He has complete knowledge of the ISP internal and external networks, is tech savvy, and most importantly, has worked for the ISP for 15 years in some capacity. Today he is an integral part of the success of the company. Always greets you with a smile, happy to help our clients, Joe is a great person to know. He currently attends SRJC part-time and works for the ISP.

Mickey Chard

Chad Taylor

We are excited to have Chad on the team. Chad brings great ideas, organization, management, and technical skills. He is helping manage the technical crew, project management, and looking at the bigger picture for the company.

Jack Young

Jack is excited to help the family business working on the install crew. You'll find him in the field installing equipment, replacing, and repairing. Jack is enrolled at SRJC preparing his transfer to study Marine Biology. Ask him to tell you a fun fact about any oceanic creature some time!

J.R. Young

J.R. is a critical part to our team. You may recognize his name or voice, as he is most often the team member to reach out to you via phone or text. He uses his depth of experience in the ministry to offer great human relations skills and knowledge. Without J.R., we would be lost! He is a Healdsburg native, living in Alexander Valley.

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